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We are a leading Laboratory Glassware manufacturer in India. Our Laboratory Glassware Suppliers are present in all states and Union Territories of India. We are known for supplying prime-quality Laboratory Glassware across the country.

Lab Glassware is made of heat-resistant borosilicate 3.3 glass and is generally resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and heat. It is used in laboratories to transport liquids and chemicals from one place to another. It is used for making solutions, performing experiments, and storing chemicals in your laboratories.

If you are looking to buy Laboratory Glassware in India then Supertek is the right choice for you. Our Lab Glassware is made of top-notch material resulting in supreme quality and reliability, at the same time it is affordable.

Supertek Laboratory Glassware range includes flasks, beakers, pipettes, burettes, measuring cylinders, Test tubes, interchangeable glassware, Volumetric Glassware, sintered glassware, condensers and columns etc.

Volumetric Glassware
General Labware
Sintered Glassware Filtration

“supertek ”ventured into fabrication of laboratory glassware with a vision to provide superior quality glassware at the right prices. Our products are made according to International Standards such as ISO,DIN & ASTM and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant by highly skilled work force.

A20,000 sq. ft facility houses latest machinery for fabrication of Laboratory Glassware, Automatic Volumetric Calibration Units to guarantee highest precision, Lehr Conveyer Furnace to ensure proper annealing, Precision Equipment to test Glass Strain, Automatic Test Tube making machine to provide consistent quality, Printing Machines for clear & long-lasting printing on glassware and many semi-automatic glass blowing machines for mass production.
In addition, our Distributor Network across the country ensures consistent availability of our products near to you.“supertek ” is committed to deliver High Quality Products, at competitive prices always.

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We have an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 17025:2005, NABL-accredited, CE-certified calibration laboratory for Lab Glassware. We maintain all the environmental guidelines established by the Government of India in our production unit to ensure accuracy and the best results.

You can write to us at or fill out the inquiry form here. Our support team will contact you in 2 to 4 business days. 

The First and foremost factor is that you should choose a top Lab Equipment manufacturer who is reliable and trustworthy just like Supertek. We are the best Lab Equipment supplier in Bangalore out there known for our world-class offerings of laboratory instruments.

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You can connect with our technical team at+91-171-2699297 / 2699537 or write to us at  they will review your concern and will get back to you in 2 to 4 working days. 

We have been a Laboratory Glassware manufacturer for more than 8 decades now. We are equipped with all the technical and financial capabilities to fulfill bulk orders. Our team consists of Laboratory glassware dealers and distributors around the country to serve our customers.

Our state-of-the-art facility is located in Ambala, Haryana. It consists of 5 production units well equipped with high-precision machinery for mass production of standard parts, electronic and electrical divisions, glassware units, electroplating and powder coating lines, as well as facilities for plastic molding and metal casting is available.

We ventured into the fabrication of Laboratory Glassware with a vision to provide superior quality glassware at affordable prices. A 20,000 sq. ft facility houses the latest machinery for the fabrication of Laboratory Glassware.

Supertek laboratory products are suitable for general laboratories, Educational Institutes, Research, Healthcare and industrial applications. For more info visit

Our Lab equipment goes through the three-step quality check procedure to ensure error-free lab instruments. We make sure that our customer is completely satisfied with our lab products. 

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Every Laboratory must have the following Common Lab Glassware

Laboratory Glassware is an important part of every laboratory whether you’re in school or an Industry professional you require it all. As a leading laboratory glassware manufacturer in India, we understand the diverse needs of our customers.

Lab Glassware comes in all sizes and shapes depending on their usability in the Laboratory. The transparency of Laboratory Glassware allows the users to observe reactions taking place inside. The physical and chemical properties of Lab Glassware prevent the glass from reacting with the heat and chemicals used in the laboratory. Each piece of Laboratory Glassware is designed according to its function in the laboratory.

Our Laboratory Glassware is compatible to use in Pharmaceutical, Educational Laboratories and Industrial applications. Supertek Lab Glassware will last a long time if handled with care. To avoid the risk of breakage, laboratories usually have separate shelves for storing glassware.

Supertek Laboratory Glassware is available in both Class A and Class B and is calibrated with high-precision automated calibration machines. The most common Laboratory Glassware includes beakers, flasks, burettes, pipettes and measuring cylinders.

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Quality Checks of Supertek Laboratory Glassware in India

There are various quality checks that have been performed on Lab Glassware in India to ensure higher accuracy and reliability. Some of them are defined below.

  1. Enamel Adhesion Check- In this Tests are carried out as per ISO 4794 to ensure that enamel does not rub off even with repeated usage and stays consistent even after using Lab Glassware washers.
  2. Optical Clarity Check- Optical clarity of all the glassware manufactured is checked to ensure only the clear Lab Glassware is supplied to all our users.
  3. Leakage Check- All stopcocks are checked for any form of leakage first individually and then post attachment to ensure that no Laboratory Glassware supplied by Supertek leaks.
  4. Residual Strain Check- The best strain-checking equipment is used by Supertek to check any residual strain in the Lab Glassware.
  5. Dimensional Check- Measuring instruments of higher accuracy is used for the inspection of each piece of Laboratory Glassware twice.
  6. Joint Fitting Check- Dimensions and fitting of all sockets & cones are checked for proper taper ensuring zero leakage on use.
  7. Calibration Check- All volumetric glassware is checked in our ISO 17025-certified calibration laboratory to ensure higher accuracy.

Supertek- Manufacturer of Premium Laboratory Glassware in India

Supertek is a well known manufacturer of premium quality Laboratory Glassware in India. We have been an Industry leader in manufacturing Laboratory Glassware for over 80 years, providing quality Lab Glassware across the country.

Our Laboratory Glassware complies with international standards of ISO, ASTM and DIN. Our Lab Glassware is available in multiple sizes and grades to suit your lab’s needs. We offer a wide range of Laboratory Glassware for Educational Laboratories and industrial applications.

Supertek Laboratory Glassware is calibrated in a NABL-accredited calibration lab. Our laboratories are equipped with automatic calibration machines to process bulk volumes with the highest precision.

Our Lab Glassware goes through various quality checks and is tested in world-class laboratories to ensure higher accuracy and reliability. Our Research and development team is always working hard to stay up to date with the latest technologies to offer world-class products.

We offer a diverse collection of products, including Laboratory Plasticware, Laboratory Essentials, and Laboratory Equipment.

Customized Laboratory Glassware Manufacturers and Suppliers

We are also known for manufacturing customized laboratory glassware and supplying it around the country through our authorized Laboratory Equipment Suppliers. If you need customized Lab Glassware, please fill out the inquiry form first or send your request to /

Our technical team will check your request and will contact you for further discussion. In order to best serve our customers, this process may take 2-4 business days. We make sure that our products fit in your lab perfectly, and for that, we leave no stone unturned. We are on a consistent path of improving our laboratory glassware to meet the needs of our customers around the country. For more info visit

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