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We are among the top lab instrument manufacturers in India, known for manufacturing superior quality Laboratory Equipment at affordable prices. We are currently present in more than two hundred cities through our authorized Laboratory Equipment suppliers in India. The Lab Equipment suppliers’ network is handled by our team present in our head office located in Ambala, India.

Our Lab Equipment is apt for Laboratories and Industrial applications. Lab Equipment is used for performing experiments in laboratories. They are also known as scientific instruments.

Supertek offers a wide variety of lab supplies and Lab Equipment inclusive of Water Baths, Heating Mantles, Hot Plates, Vortex Mixer, Digital Autoclave, Bacteriological Incubators, Hot Air Ovens, UV Cabinets, and UV Sanitizations. These laboratory instruments are comprised of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel with a seamless finish. These lab instruments are ideal for general laboratory use and are very cost-effective.

Our Lab Equipment is ideal for educational laboratories, industrial applications, and higher science labs.

Heating Mantles
Hot Plate

“supertek ”ventured into fabrication of laboratory glassware with a vision to provide superior quality glassware at the right prices. Our products are made according to International Standards such as ISO,DIN & ASTM and are manufactured in our state-of-the-art plant by highly skilled work force.

A20,000 sq. ft facility houses latest machinery for fabrication of Laboratory Glassware, Automatic Volumetric Calibration Units to guarantee highest precision, Lehr Conveyer Furnace to ensure proper annealing, Precision Equipment to test Glass Strain, Automatic Test Tube making machine to provide consistent quality, Printing Machines for clear & long-lasting printing on glassware and many semi-automatic glass blowing machines for mass production.
In addition, our Distributor Network across the country ensures consistent availability of our products near to you.“supertek ” is committed to deliver High Quality Products, at competitive prices always.

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The most important criterion to select appropriate Lab Equipment is that first, you should make a list of Lab Equipment companies in India and after that select the best lab instrument manufacturer who is trustworthy and reliable just like Supertek.

Supertek is the best laboratory equipment supplier because they have world-class facilities to manufacture lab equipment along with a vast distributor network to fulfill the requirements of the customer at the earliest.

 In order to have customized Laboratory Equipment kindly fill out our inquiry form with brief details of your requirement or connect with us at technical@supertekglassware.com 

We have been a laboratory instrument manufacturer for more than 8 decades now. We are equipped with all the technical and financial capabilities to fulfill bulk orders. Our team consists of lab instruments suppliers around the country.

We are present in more than 200 cities of 28 states and 8 union territories. We supply our lab equipment in every corner of India.

To get a quote, please select your product of interest from our extensive product range and add it to your cart then on the next step fill out the inquiry form and your quote is ready to go or you can directly send your inquiry to info@supertekglassware.com /technical@supertekglassware.com

We have an ISO 9001:2015 management system which is applicable for designing, manufacturing, and distributing scientific instruments, laboratory equipment, laboratory glassware and plasticware. All our laboratory equipment goes through 3 step quality check procedure to ensure error-free equipment. 

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Ambala, India. It consists of 5 production units well equipped with high-precision machinery for mass production of standard parts, electronic and electrical divisions, Laboratory Equipment unit, glassware units, electroplating and powder coating lines, as well as facilities for plastic molding and metal casting is available. 

To locate your nearest distributor kindly write us at info@shivsons.com or fill out the form here.

Our commitment to providing the highest precision products has resulted in our brand Supertek becoming synonymous with Reliability, Trust & Quality. This value addition in our system makes us stand out from the crowd.

India’s leading Lab Instrument Manufacturers and Suppliers

We are the leading and trusted Lab Equipment manufacturer and supplier in India. Buy laboratory equipment online in India from our authorized suppliers present nationwide. Our commitment to providing the highest precision lab instrument has resulted in our brand Supertek becoming synonymous with reliability, trust & quality- values that also characterize our corporate philosophy.

We are universally recognized as a leading manufacturer of laboratory instruments, laboratory glassware, lab plasticware, lab supplies, lab essentials and filter paper suitable to use in Education, Research, Healthcare, and Industrial application. Our laboratory products are made according to international standards such as ISO etc.

All our Lab Equipment is tested and calibrated in CE-certified laboratories. Our Laboratory Equipment range includes Water baths, Hot Plates, Vortex Mixers, Heating Mantles, Autoclaves, Bacteriological Incubators, Hot Air ovens, UV Cabinets & UV Sanitization chamber.

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Common Use of Supertek Laboratory Equipment

Supertek laboratory equipment comes with a lab manual that contains the details of operating procedure, product and other relevant details. Some of the common use of lab instruments based on the Supertek product range is defined below.

1. Laboratory instruments in the lab are used for performing various experiments and reactions to give an idea about the practical phenomena of the theoretical concept.
2. A Water Bath is used for incubating samples at a constant temperature for a longer time. It is a preferred source for heating flammable chemicals to prevent ignition due to open flame.
3. The Heating mantles are used for even heat distribution and are an efficient alternative to heat baths and Bunsen burners. Compared to both, the heating mantle is faster, more efficient and provides a more evenly heated surface.
4. The heating mantle with stirrer is specially designed to meet laboratory requirements of convenient stirring and simultaneous uniform heating by heating mantles.

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Strongest Lab Equipment Suppliers Network across India

Supertek Laboratory Equipment suppliers’ network is spread across many cities in the country. We have one of the strongest distributors network present in this Industry.

All our Lab Equipment distributors are interconnected with our dealers and suppliers which are managed by our in-house sales and support team. Well-scripted business processes, periodic inspections, regular audits, and single-minded focus make our products the right choice for our customers.

Supertek products are distributed and sold in 28 states and 8 union territories. Our lab instruments go to various industries, schools, higher educational institutes, and pharmacy companies. Our distributors or suppliers make sure that the product is up to the mark before delivering it to our customers; they also make sure that all your complaints must be handled on priority.

To get the details of your nearest distributor write us at info@supertekglassware.com  / technical@supertekglassware.com or fill out the inquiry form here.

Features of Supertek Laboratory Equipment

Supertek Laboratory Equipment comprises various features. They go through a three-step quality check, and we ensure that they are error-free. Some of the common features are defined below.

1. The equipment comprises high-quality corrosion, chemical and water resistance seamless stainless steel.
2. The lab instruments are highly uniform and accurate. Internal calibration is performed on equipment to ensure zero error.
3. Our lab instruments go through a two-step testing procedure, visual testing, and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) ensuring higher accuracy and reliability
4. All our Lab Equipment consists of overload protection which reduces the chances of breakdown caused by sudden cuts of electricity, overheating, etc.

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Precautions to take while working with Laboratory Equipment

There are some generalized precautions that we should take while working with any Laboratory Equipment. Some of them are as follows.

1. Before working with any Lab Equipment, always read its manual carefully to avoid any mistakes while operating.
2. Always make sure that you are wearing lab coat, safety glasses, gloves etc. for your safety from any accidents that can take place while working with various chemicals and instruments.
3. Do not exceed the given pressure and temperature limit of any Lab Equipment while performing experiments on it.
4. Avoid wearing loose clothing, Jewelry and open hair in the laboratory as this can pose multiple safety hazards.
5. Do not leave the containers of chemicals open while working in labs.