Support Team

Our Back-Office roles are Essentially the Backbone of our Company

With their smooth running, they set us up for success by helping us boost productivity and contain cost.

  • HR identifies and attracts the best talent.
  • IT provides the tools and data employees need to perform their jobs.
  • Legal keeps us updated on Laws of the Land and run ethical business.
  • Finance and Accounting keep a strict watch on our cash flow and Tax compliance.
  • Procurement gives us the competitive edge in getting our raw materials and other supplies at a competitive price and without delays.
  • Planning ensures our inventory of Raw & Finished goods is maintained to avoid stock outs.
  • Production provides us a continuous supply of products against customer requirements.
  • QA ensures that only the right product leaves our factory floor.
  • Safety & Compliance guarantees safe and incident free operations across the company.
  • Order fulfilment works diligently to ensure no orders are missed.
  • Warehousing is a key in providing quick service to our customers against their valued orders.
  • Customer Care services all Customer requirements – Quotations, Complaint Resolution, Responding to Customer Queries are just a few of their tasks.
  • Administration runs all day to day functions smoothly to avoid any disruption of services.
  • Our Front Lines Sales & Marketing Teams are very successful because of the large contribution from our back office teams.