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Quality Control

Product quality directly depends on the quality of process. Quality assurance must begin in the very first phase of the product creation process and cover all following phases. This holistic view of quality assurance, involving all aspects of design, production, testing, packing and conformity with both internal standards and externally set specifications, is the basis of our quality management. This is reflected in the approvals of ISO 9001/2008 & ISO 17025.


QC Table

Quality Checks


Enamel Adhesion Check

Tests are carried out as per ISO 4794 to ensure that enamel does not rub-off even with repeated usage and stays consistent even after using in Laboratory Glassware washers.


Optical Clarity Check

Optical clarity of all the products manufactured is checked to ensure only clear glass products are supplied to all our users.


Leakage Check

All Stopcocks are checked for any form of leakage first individually and then post attachment to make sure that no burette, funnel supplied by Supertek ever leaks.


Residual Strain Check

Strain checking equipment (Polariscope) from one of the best manufacturer is used by Supertek to check for any residual strain in the products.


Dimensional Check

Calipers of high accuracy are used for inspection of each and every piece atleast TWICE!!


Joint Fitting Check

Dimensions and fitting of all sockets & cones are checked, proper taper ensures zero leakage on use.


Calibration Check

All Volumetric glassware are checked at our quality control center for final checking before dispatch