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Company Profile

Founded in 1943, SHIV DIAL SUD & SONS is universally recognized as leading and reliable Manufacturer and Exporter of Laboratory Equipment and Glassware for use in Education, Health-care and Industry. At present, we are exporting to more than sixty countries and have been repeatedly awarded by Government of India for our outstanding exports.

Our commitment to provide utmost precision products has resulted in our brand “Supertek” becoming synonymous with Reliability, Trust & Quality– values that also characterize our corporate philosophy.

With management consisting of Engineers and Scientists with combined experience extending to more than 75 years and a team dedicate to produce products with latest technologies, we specialize in providing high precision certified products as well as customized solutions as per requirement.

Our Manufacturing facilities housed in 5 units has covered area of more than 100,000 sq.ft and consist of Computerized Turning and Milling Centers, Automatic along with conventional machinery for standardized production. Our product range includes Teaching Aids for Educational Laboratories, Laboratory Glassware and Supplies.

Supertek Glassware

Supertek ventured into fabrication of laboratory glassware with a vision to provide best quality glassware made according to International standards such as ISO/DIN & ASTM.

Within a short span of time we have set-up an independent 20,000 sq ft unit equipped with state of the art equipment like Automatic Volumetric calibration machines, Lehr Conveyer oven for annealing, precision equipment for assessing glass-strain, Automatic Test tube making and printing machines along with many semi-automatic glass blowing machines.

With approximately 500+ standardized products, we offer our customers a wide range of Laboratory glassware. Our product range includes volumetric glassware, inter-changeable glassware, general Labware, separating and dropping funnels, condensers, and glass filtration instruments. We can also provide customized products depending upon customer requirement and product feasibility.


Glassware Manufacturing Unit